Why Now is the Perfect Time for Laser Hair Removal

Even though winter is just settling in, it’s never too early to start preparing your skin for summer. If you’re tired of shaving, waxing, tweezing unwanted hair, we’ve got great news! Winter is the perfect time to get bikini ready with laser hair removal. Why? Here’s a few reasons to start laser treatments in the winter. laser hair removal clayton nc

  • Getting laser hair removal when you have a sunburn is a bad idea, and tanned skin can make your skin resistant to removing unwanted body hair. Paler skin can help the lasers pinpoint exact hair follicles for better removal.
  • Depending on the area you’re getting treated, laser hair removal requires multiple sessions over a period of months. Starting in the winter means you’ll be hair-free by summer.
  • After a laser treatment, the treated area should be kept out of the sun. Of course, it’s easier to keep treated areas covered and protected by clothing and less exposure to sun in the winter.
  • Areas like the back, chest, face, and legs should all be treated in the fall/winter.

Laser hair removal is great for both men and women. We offer laser hair removal for the following areas:

  • Face/Lip
  • Bikini
  • Underarms
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Chest/Abdomen
  • Back

Get Smooth Skin, Free of Unwanted Hair

When you’re ready to schedule your laser hair removal treatment in Smithfield, call our professional medical staff at 919-205-1376 or request your appointment online.