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The colder months can harsh on the skin, especially the face, where skin is thinner and more delicate. Spider veins, fine lines, and uneven skin tones on the face can affect your confidence. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of smoother, younger looking skin. Our medical spa in Smithfield offers skin care procedures that will help your skin look and feel better than ever so you’ll be proud of the skin you’re in. clayton nc laser treatment

As we age, our skin and veins both weaken. You may start to notice reddish or purple veiny spots on your face. These are broken capillaries called spider veins, or varicose veins that can pop up anywhere on the face, but typically show up around the nose or underneath they eyes. Spider veins are caused by a few different factors.

Aging skin can make spider veins more noticeable. When a capillary is broken in younger skin, it can usually delegate its job to another larger vein. Capillaries that have broken in aging skin might not be able to depend on a larger vein to pick up the work, and shows up as a red or purple veiny mark.

Venous deficiency can also cause spidery veins to form. If you have high blood pressure, prolonged inflammation or obesity, you may be prone to venous deficiency. The blood’s back-flow in the veins causes the deficiency. It’s important to make sure you are careful when washing or rubbing your face, as too much pressure can damage the blood vessels and cause spider veins too.

Too much sun exposure is bad for your skin anyway, but it can cause varicose veins to appear, especially on the face. Smoking causes premature aging of the skin, which increases your risk of varicose veins, but smoke also damages the arteries and veins, making your veins more evident.

Evolve Medical Spa has your solution for those pesky spider veins. We offer V-Beam Technology to reduce the appearance red and purple veins on your skin. V-Beam Technology is completely safe and our advanced technology protects the skin from thermal energy and reduces the discomfort during the procedure.

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