How to Erase Sun Damage

Erase Sun Damage Smithfield Med SpaThe summer sun can cause a lot of damage to the face, neck and body. It’s important to protect the skin by applying and reapplying sunscreen, wearing hats, and practicing other sun protection techniques. Staying hydrated is important for healthy skin as well.

Skin that gets too much sun can develop wrinkles, sun spots, and other serious skin health issues, including precancerous or cancerous lesions. While it’s best to avoid overexposure to the sun to prevent damage, there are treatments that can help minimize the signs of sun damage.

Erasing Summer Sun Damage

Chemical peels, Botox and dermal fillers, and microneedling can all reduce the appearance of sun damage and improve the skin’s overall texture, tone, and health.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. As sun damage creates sun spots, chemical peels can help to correct uneven skin pigmentation. Exfoliated skin can look years younger than dry, sun damaged skin. Your skin is left looking smoother and brighter after just one chemical peel, but more dramatic results are seen after 3-6 peels. Our medical aestheticians are able to provide you with peel recommendations so you can reach your desired look.

Wrinkles and fine lines are also a common signs of sun damage. Evolve Med-Spa offers Botox and dermal filler injectables for smooth, younger looking skin. Derma-fillers and Botox are both quick, non-invasive processes that show results quickly. Botox shows results within a few days, and lasts roughly 3 months, depending on the area treated. Derma-fillers show results immediately, results typically last between 9 and 12 months, and the process can be repeated as needed by our physician assistant.

Micro-needling has become one of the latest medical aesthetic procedures. We use the Rejuvapen to stimulate the collagen and elastin in your skin to activate new cell regeneration. Micro-needling reduces fine lines and wrinkles, lifts and tightens skin and smoothes pores. Skin looks younger, smoother, and brighter after one session.

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Erase Your Sun Damage at Evolve Medical Spa

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