Botox is for Men Too!

botox for men smithfieldBotox has become a popular cosmetic procedure to fight signs of aging and to help your skin look refreshed and rejuvenated. A lot of people associate cosmetic procedures, like injectables, with women, but Botox is great for men too! Men and women both get wrinkles, and see the signs of aging in their skin, and the use of injectables is great for treating aging for anyone.

Benefits of Botox for Men

Softening the signs of aging is no longer just for women. Over the last several years, the number of men getting Botox has increased by roughly 300%. As society evolves, men are being more proactive in their appearance, and that includes fighting the signs of aging. Men who receive injectable treatments benefit from younger, smoother looking skin, which gives them more confidence. Confident, younger looking men feel like it benefits advancement in their careers and overall self-image.

Botox gives their aging skin a lift, looks tighter and smoother. Men can get Botox in their brow area, crowns feet, frown lines, and forehead to give them a younger looking appearance.

Botox Works Quick

Since Botox works quickly, men can make a morning or lunch appointment with our Smithfield Medical Spa, and return to work immediately after without any marks, lumps, or anything that might cause people to talk. Full results can be seen in 7 days and lasts 4-6 months. Re-treatment varies by person, so talk with your licensed esthetician for more information on your specific treatment.

Our medical spa staff will talk to you about the side effects of Botox and recommend an appropriate Botox treatment based on your skin type and desired look.

Want to Learn More About Botox?

Evolve Medical Spa performs Botox injections in the Clayton, Goldsboro, and Smithfield area. Our licensed estheticians are happy to answer all of your questions about Botox. Take the first step to a younger looking you by scheduling your consultation today or calling 919-205-1376!